Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flame On

Morrigan has a science fair coming up and she decided that her experiment would have to do with the impact of various accelerants on fire, a topic which just screamed out for adult supervision, preferably her father's. She and Tim set out to gather all the needed ingredients and start lighting things aflame.

She had a control group which was untouched, gasoline, a commercial accelerant, and vegetable oil. The plan was to run five fires with each group for ten minutes each, measuring the temperature of the fire. 

Sadly for all of us, her topic was much more interesting than the result. All the action from the various fire aides seemed to take place in the opening 30-45 seconds, leaving an additional 9 minutes to measure the fire temps, which were all about the same, every 30 seconds. But we all enjoyed the monotony of it together and managed to watch a little football as well. Maybe next year science will be more exciting!

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