Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Eion, Part I

More than once there were doubts about my sanity making it to this point, but we have reached Eion's 10th birthday! Notes on the festivities thus far:

I told E he could have any kind of party, within reason, he wanted. We planned a glorified playdate with two close friends for Saturday. Pizza, cake, and video games - just want he wanted. Perfect. 

Well until...

He arrived home yesterday and informed me Friend X had bought him a birthday gift. That's funny, I remarked, as Friend X was not one of the invitees on the very short list. "Hmmm, " Eion replied, "I must have invited him at school." Not quite as perfect. So only days before the party, I fire off an apologetic, last minute invite to Mom of Friend X, fessing up to the whole situation. Eion is "pretty sure" he didn't invite anyone else. Good grief.

And then there is the cake. He wanted chocolate with chocolate icing. No problem! Morrigan and I whipped one up last night. All was well until the assembly. The frosting started ripping apart the cake and entire sections had to be held together with icing. Temporarily held together anyway. Several portions had vacated the main cake by this morning, sliding off like a mudslide. It will be a challenge to find an appropriate angle for photos.

He's happily at school, sharing cupcakes with the class. We didn't have the heart to tell him that after school, we are all getting vaccinations for our trip to Costa Rica. Some really short sighted Mom made the appointment on his birthday. Hopefully the unattractive, yet tasty, cake will smooth the whole thing over!

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