Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey There!

I don't know about you, but I am still trying to get everything back in order after a crazy busy holiday two weeks. Still not there, but figured I should check in now while I have the house to myself.

A few days after we got home from Florida, my parents and brother Dominick arrived. 

First order of business was Christmas, Round Deux. 

Dominick and Eion share a love of Legos.

There was a flurry of gift opening, including the traditional Dutch chocolate letters (as seen on the table below.) Naturally, the kids welcomed the opportunity to extend what would normally be a one day holiday. It was casual, relaxed, and fun.

Morrigan in her much beloved Captain America hoodie.

But soon it was time to get to work. With gifts out of the way, Dominick, Mom, and I set out to go supply shopping. Now, we all remember that in addition to visiting, we had Dominick, the professional costumer, on board to help out with the eel costumes for The Little Mermaid, right? Hence mere hours after exiting the plane, we were visiting fabric stores, hardware stores, and Kmart for the needed implements. Not long into the process, I was beginning to see he had something much more than I planned on in mind, in a good way. 

Dominick had carved the heads for the eels out of foam and brought them with him. For the first few days, he was largely working on covering them with two layers of material, which was a much more arduous process than one would imagine. As days of work were going into the heads alone, my guilt began to mount at the enormity of the project.

While work had begun, we had some fun too. Dominick brought the helmet of his homemade Ironman costume with him, a huge hit with the kids.

Eion with Opa and Oma.

Days were busy sewing but we made it out to a few parties and open houses and, of course, there was general merriment at home. I wonder why the kids love it so much when Uncle Dominick visits?

Not long after New Years, the project started to spiral out of control and it was time for the basement sweatshop! We moved everything costume related to the basement and really dug in.

Dominick and one of the eel heads early on.

Mom, Dominick, and I were putting in about 8 hour days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in order to get the eels done. (With a little help from everyone else too.) It was a TON of work but so much fun. We listened to music, Dominick helped Morrigan progress in Skyrim, and we chatted as we worked. Ok and sometimes swore a little too, but generally only when there was injury.

All hands on deck!

After Mom and Dad left Monday, Dominick and I still worked about another 12 hours. We watched an entire season of White Collar to help pass the time. Sadly, Dominick flew home Tuesday and was able to escape being chained to a sewing machine in my basement. He swears it was fun and I shouldn't feel guilty for working him so hard. Hopefully, he's telling the truth. I'll have to make sure his next visit is ultra relaxing.

Whew! Now on my own, I'm finishing the last of the hand sewing, which awaits me when finished here. Such a tease, but I am going to tell you they look awesome, and make you come back in April to see the end result. Sorry, sorry! Just don't want such a fabulous surprise to be ruined by having pictures all over town before the play. 

Just trust me, they were worth it. For me at least. I am quite sure Dominick went home and needed a vacation. He could have totally half assed this and we still would have been better off than if I were in charge, but I don't think it is in his nature. 

Slowly, we are getting back to normal, very slowly. But it was a lovely chaos while it lasted.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Uncle Dominick has to be one of the coolest uncles EVER. :-)