Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It Was Almost Like Hers

One of my Facebook friends, who has a child in Eion's grade, just posted a picture of her daughter meeting the School Board and receiving a framed picture of her art project, which won the honor of being the cover art for the district holiday card. It was a sweet picture of four snowmen. And it looked vaguely familiar.

The winning drawing.

But of course it did. This was something all the 3rd graders drew. Now, normally, I would not know about any art project as Eion conveniently dispatches them before they ever come close to home. But this one I saw since it was sent home in a special envelope with a note from the teacher, expressing concern about the boy's state of mind. Seeing as Eion had chosen to arm his snowmen with various weapons, some dripping blood, the special interest may have been warranted. We've chosen to write it off as youthful exuberance rather than behavioral leanings of a sociopath.

And we can't believe he lost the contest.

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