Thursday, January 8, 2015

Officially Back to Normal

As Tim left for work today, I promised that today would be the day that the house would get back to normal, as in no large blue eels in the family room, sheets clean, and things generally back where they belong. It was a slog, including several hours of hand stitching eels, but we are there! I love having company and the chaos of the holidays, but I am persnickety enough to really like getting back to routine too.

I felt kind of rushed on my last posts, surely only by myself, but wanted to go back and fill in some unrelated details of the past week or so.

It was COLD in Virginia today. So much so that school was on a 2 hour delay. With windchill, it was zero. When I texted that to Dominick, in Minnesota, he let me know they were delayed as well, it was -40. Brrr. This was the first real cold snap for the Peepers. While trying desperately to be flippant about it, assuring people that Keller from the country store told me it would all be ok, there was much worry about their safety. Should have trusted the professionals. They were all fine and looking to get out in the world. Water management is going to be a bit of an issue since their water and the hose outside both froze. But we have a couple of waterers that can be rotated. But since I know you were worried too, they are a-ok!

In the home stretch with the eels today, I couldn't help but thinking of what Dominick would say when I asked if my stitching was ok - forty feet and dancing. They say it in the costume shop all the time. Your work needs to be good, but remember people will be forty feet away and the characters will be dancing. Made me laugh everytime.

In a few minutes, I'm going in for a MRI. In spite of continuing to be an excellent physical therapy patient, the situation has continued to deteriorate with my back. Not sure what they will find or what I want. The good news would be surgery could fix me and I'm not sure invasive back surgery is ever truly "good" news. But life of unending pain is equally unappealing so we'll see what the surgeon has to say.

Guess there wasn't too much to say but I appreciate you letting me bend your ear!

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