Monday, January 26, 2015

Surprise Weather

Friday, all the weather predictors claimed we were right in the path of a front, bringing us freezing rain and all sorts of nastiness. And right on time, the snow started late morning and the schools announced they would be letting out early. We lit a big fire and prepared to hunker down for the day.

But miracle of miracles, it stayed just warm enough that we only had rain, which was good news for Maggie, who did not have to miss a fun birthday party!

The rest of the weekend was nicer than anticipated as well, leaving humans and poultry quite pleased.  As for the chickens, because it is always about the chickens, all the girls are laying now (yeah!) and we are averaging five eggs a day. In even better news, they have decided to lay these eggs in the coop, rather than in the bushes like they had been the past few days, leading me on a daily, real live Easter egg hunt.

This week looks to be full of cake, as it is Eion's 10th birthday! Unfortunately for him, his birthday is also the only day I could get an appointment at the travel vaccination clinic. We won't tell him about that until later...

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