Thursday, January 22, 2015

Updates and Changes

As one of the editors for the yearbook at E's school, I became somewhat panicked this week upon discovering there were large sections of the pages due February 9th that were not even close to being completed. So it was off to school, camera in hand, to take the needed pictures to fill out the book. While there, I spoke with the principal, who told me how Eion had not been sent to her office for all of 2015. Really friends, that is almost three weeks. In a row. Hallelujah.

Then that night, I went to an orientation meeting for high school. HIGH SCHOOL. I went to a school where my graduating class was 100 people. This school has close to 2,000 students. Not that Morrigan is nervous. She declined to attend the meeting, stating, "I already know everything I need to know." Glad she is so confident. I am a wreck.

As it turns out, she was somewhat correct. All the graduation requirements and suggested courses she needs have been covered by her middle school guidance counsellor, who was there and reassured me, and several other parents, that it was all going to be OK! Miss M is on track for AP Calculus, AP History, AP English, and AP Biology.

Beyond that, I found out they could do Health online and opt out of gym by doing something called YFit, which seems to be logging your hours working out. Where the hell was this option when I was in school? Nothing irritated me more than wasting a period in which I could have been doing something interesting toiling away in gym class. So she had three electives to fill. One is, much to her dismay, Spanish IV. I promised her that after that, she could quit foreign language. If she were smart, she'd tough it out through AP and pass out of college credits. But no one said middle schoolers are smart.

For the last two, she chose Theater Arts and Business and Marketing. A nice mix of fine arts and some practical learning, I thought. When I was pursuing the course catalogue later, I noticed that if one wanted to be on the yearbook staff as a sophomore, and who wouldn't, you needed to take Journalism freshman year. When I pointed this out to Morrigan, I was told that she didn't need to be like me and not everyone wants to edit the yearbook. Sheesh, I was just trying to help.

But we have the first step in High School under our belts.

Then there is poor Maggie, who had to have two teeth yanked today. Eion wanted to come, until he found out he would not be allowed to watch the actual extraction. Then he was good to stay home. Maggie was brave and did great. I tried to pay several times while she was in the back, in an effort to secure a speedy exit. Naturally, they didn't even start the checkout process until Mags, mouth full of cotton, was sitting waiting for us. My heart just broke when I looked over and she had a single tear running down her cheek.

But don't despair, a few hours later and she has rallied completely.

After a week of downright gorgeous days, reaching 60 degrees!, we are expecting some freezing rain,  the worst of all worlds. It will trap you at home but it is no good for sledding and playing. Hopefully all the forecasters are wrong and this system will just pass us by. Until next time, from the world of very exciting events, I bid you farewell.

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