Sunday, January 11, 2015

Who Knew There Was a Secondary Chicken Market?

Poor Putin's death went unremarked. After losing Attila and Tank, I had just tired of writing about it. So when a hawk took her out, as Eion watched, hello scarring childhood memories, we just mourned in silence. The three remaining girls were traumatized and rarely left the coop for about a month. We built them a deluxe, if ramshackle, run but unfortunately, they did not recognize it as safe and refused to go in it. These were some sad chicken times.

The good and bad news is chickens are also not especially smart and, a month later, they seem to have forgotten the dangers of life on the free range and they are back in action!

But we missed the bigger flock, and their eggs. So we had started planning for new chicks when Amy told me about the Coop farm divesting itself of their hens. Perfect, I thought, we can just integrate some new birds now and not have to wait for them to start laying! I called immediately but their hens were spoken for almost as soon as they publicized their sale. Drat.

But that got me thinking, there have to be other people who are getting out of the chicken game. I went to craigslist, home of all the weird things for sale, and found a fellow looking to get rid of 20 layers. I texted immediately and let him know we'd love to purchase seven, as we have decided ten is out optimal number. In spite of the fact that his ad was only three hours old, they were already gone. Any ads older than that were a waste, as those birds were long ago spoken for.

Now it has become a mission, complete with multiple checks on craigslist a day. Seriously, I had no idea finding used chickens was so tough.

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