Monday, February 16, 2015

1st Snow of the Season

Save the dusting of snow we received on Thanksgiving, this winter has been mild and without the white stuff. Watching friends in Boston get pummeled while we had occasional days of 60 degree weather was surreal, and a little nice.

But we are spared no more! Today it has been coming down all day and looks like we'll get about a foot of snow. It wasn't supposed to get started until 10am so Tim and I went to the gym and then out to Sam's Club for some extra provisions. By the time we left to go back home, things were already getting dicey and we knew we were in for the day.

This is the first weather we've had that the chickens just refused to go out. They've been holed up in their coop all day, leaving us to rotate their waterers as they freeze over.

But snow means the first sledding of the year! Our neighbors, Tyler and Jen, are always sweet and let the kids sled down their driveway. We've got one round under our belts for the day but with all the accumulation, we're sure to go out again.

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