Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, Because You Know Hallmark Holidays Mean Lots to Me

While not planned to be a Valentine's present, I don't believe in those, my new camera, a Canon 70D came in the mail just in time for the holiday. So I have been subjecting the household to a level of harassment increased from my normal paparazzi style. Hence, why I have pictures of Morrigan getting her hair cut yesterday. (She looks so much like her cousin, Kelsey, in this one.)

And while I have a million of these, I never tire of photographing sunrise on Stone Mountain!

Taking some pressure off the family were the Valentine's Day parties at E's school. I had plenty of classes who needed to be photographed for the yearbook. Most of the kids are used to seeing me and are happy to pose. 

The only blip on the radar was one of the third grade girls. I was taking a pic of three kids when she came in to be part of it, which was fine. I was about to snap and she popped up two sets of bunny ears. I told her sweetly that this would render the photo unusable for the yearbook, so please don't do that. 

Take two, I raise my camera up and am greeted again by bunny ears. Ok, a little less nicely, I requested again that she not do so.

Take three, you guessed it. SO I told her, in a stern voice, that she needed to leave the picture, post haste. I don't know if I was louder than I meant to be or if it was just chance, but the room had fallen silent and all eyes were on me, the world's meanest photographer. Ah well, she shouldn't have been such a sh*t.

In better news, E survived his party without a complete implosion, possibly a first.

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