Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh Good, More Snow

We woke up to more snow falling this morning. Tim was off to work, from which I really hope he is released early considering how bad the roads are, so it was up to me and the kids to clear the driveway. I put them all on notice to suit up and head out to work. Maggie promptly asked that Eion stay inside.

Maggie: Can we just do this without Eion?
Me: I know he's not as good at shoveling as you are but I wanted to be fair.
Maggie: Really, we are better off without him. He can stay in.
Me: I don't ever want to hear about this in therapy as The Time Mom Didn't Make E Work.
Maggie: Deal.

She was the first out with me and a happy, efficient worker. Morrigan came out next and complained E wasn't helping. When I explained why, she seemingly took a page from his playbook and endeavored to be the slowest shoveler in history.

And she wouldn't pose for the requisite pictures.

In some sort of reverse psychology situation, Eion came out anyway because he wanted to help. 

It wasn't perfect and some were happier than others, but we got the job done. Not that a half hour later you can tell. May be a long, snowy day!

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