Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Portrait Torture

That's what the kids would call it anyway. I love to get professional pictures taken of the kids but as the years go by, I meet with increasing resistance. Not to mention, getting them into suitable outfits and all smiling and happy is quite an undertaking. So we've rolled back the frequency but I try to get at least one good session in a year.

As I am met with a united front of opposition, we've gone further and further down the "professional" ladder (and cost.) Portrait Innovations meets the price point and length of visit for unwilling participants. And it is walking distance to a Barnes and Noble where they can all go and spend some Christmas money (thanks Uncle Dominick!) while I pick out prints and wait for the order.

Perfect? There is no photoshop here so all the blemishes come through. Capture the moment? You bet, complete with all of Eion's "smiles." They were so well behaved, I may aim for two sessions this year!

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