Sunday, February 15, 2015

Redecorating By Cheapy-skate

My friend April recently did some remodeling that turned out great. But after looking at it, we came home and thought, wow, we have some work to do here. With what is looking to be an expensive deck remodel coming up, we were loathe to spend to much money. Bring on the cheapskate decorators!

First on deck - the dining room chairs. We had people over for dinner the other day and I just thought our dining room chairs were bordering on embarrassing. Granted, we bought this set knowing it would be in high use by kids, so it isn't upper end. But things have gotten downright dank.

Case in point:

Let's move in a little closer...

These needed help. So it was off to the fabric store, where we found new material for a total of $84. We picked up an electric style gun as well for $29. Then it was an afternoon of labor.

This is exactly what I wanted for Valentine's Day!

Just a few hours later and voila! Begone ugly! (Assuming you like the new fabric, of course.)

Emboldened by our success, we looked to improve elsewhere. We had a couple of related problems. Maggie didn't like her desk and the computer desk was a room dominating monolith. Look at it looming in the corner, monopolizing way more real estate than it deserves.

With screwdrivers and saws in hand, we set out to dismantle the entertainment center and make it into Maggie's new desk.

With the desk underway, she needed a chair. We headed out to the furniture store. It was looking bleak until we happened on a return table and chairs, which had one too many chairs. The store was willing to sell us the chair for $42 and Maggie had a new set up!

Her old desk, with a surface too bumpy for writing but just fine for computers, moved downstairs to house my computer. Look at how much more open this is!

The next steps look like they will include an interior decorator, making them far more expensive, but so far, we spruced up three rooms for $155! A weekend well spent.

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