Friday, February 20, 2015

The Nine Day Weekend

To the complete and utter delight of the children, there was no school at all this week. Between snow, icy roads, and unseasonably cold temperatures, classes were all cancelled. Tim had to go back to work on Wednesday and postulated that it would be better than being trapped in the house with cabin fever. 

Honestly, it hasn't been bad. The kids are good at self entertainment. Maggie even struck out on her own to her friend Rosie's, where they went sledding and made hot chocolate. We've cooked, watched movies, and played board games. It's been relaxing.

Also this week, I started an online Photoshop class. I used it for some basics years ago, before I bought a Mac, but once I made the switch to Apple and my old program was incompatible, I was reticent to buy a new version. It was pretty spend. So I just used iPhoto, an inferior bit suitable product. But recently, Adobe changed its model and offers Photoshop as a subscription - $9.99 a month. Over time it is likely to be more expensive, but you always have the most up to date version.

One of my first assignments was to paint over this picture,

and make it into this! Not something to be framed, but fun to play with. 

There was much worry about the safety of the Peepers in the extreme cold. I researched and all the chicken blogs said not to worry, they were built for this. They didn't need a heat lamp. Seems "they" were right. They don't seem to be enjoying the weather, but they are all alive and well.

Tomorrow we are due for more snow, which has the kids speculating that maybe school will be cancelled Monday as well. We'll see if they are disappointed!

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