Monday, February 9, 2015

Tons of Fun

This Saturday, there was a festival, in the very loosest sense of the word, called Tons of Fun at a local mall. This poor mall has been in decline the entirety of our time in Roanoke and has plenty of empty store fronts for different exhibitors. It was packed, which speaks to the pent up demand for things to do around here. Granted, people may only be looking for free things, like this was.

In any case, Morrigan's fencing group uses this opportunity to showcase their skills and recruit new members. She spent the hours of 9am-2pm fencing and enticing people to come in and give it a try. She had a blast.

I loved when she and her cohorts recognized that the many princesses roaming the mall garnered much attention. It was decided that she would need to fence in regal costume next year. Way to evaluate the marketplace and adapt!

Which left the rest of the family. I brought Maggie, Eion, and Maggie's friend to the mall around lunch. The girls were off like a flash and, as reported later, had a good time doing things I find intolerable, like smelling every lotion on Bath and Body Works. Honestly, I can't even set foot in that stinky store.

Eion was more than happy to eat Chick-Fil-A and hang out with me!

One of the first things he saw was the animal rescue. He went right up and got argumentative with the poor teenager holding this hawk, telling him how he didn't feel they should be endangered and they are CHICKEN KILLERS!

The boy smiled weakly and tried to ignore him, so Eion turned his attention to a group of four year olds and their Moms, regaling them with the story, "I saw a hawk who looked just like this one murder my chicken, Putin. Right in front of me!" As horrified parents and kids alike looked to me, I suggested maybe we needed to move on.

E decided he was too old for miniature train rides and bounce houses but was all in with finding all the creatures he could, including snakes and bunnies.

We looped around, visiting many different stations until E decided we were done. We made a minimum of three passes by the hawks, each time instilling fear in the hearts of the volunteers, but Eion managed to hold his tongue.

They all had fun, which means there are really low expectations here or we need to get out more. Maybe both.

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