Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Jurassic Weekend

Well, maybe a jurassic 10 minutes. Succumbing to boredom and general winter malaise, I decided it was time to get out. There were two choices. The first was Raptors Live at the science museum. This was quickly discarded due to our family's current general disdain of birds of prey, or as we like to call them, chicken murderers. I didn't think another animal expert needed to be regaled with The Death of Putin.

The other option was something at the civic center called Jurassic Quest, a collection of life size animatronic dinosaurs. Eion is into dinos and interested in going. We have a winner.

Sort of.

This also could have been labeled Minutes of Expensive Fun.

But after swallowing the entry fee of $52 for three of us, the kids admittedly had fun. It was just a pricey less than an hour experience. Live and learn.

For those of you who have been saying to yourselves, please, not another chicken post, you will come to rue the day you wanted me to get a new fixation. Because now it is Photoshop, all the time! I'm taking an actual online course but supplementing it with youtube tutorials. My favorite so far is some hipster who runs a site called Phlearn. 

Today's project was repairing a picture of me and my cousin, circa 1971. This is the original.

You can see that somewhere along the way, the photo was cracked and has a few scratches. But just a half hour session with Phlearn and some playing around in Photoshop and we have no more crack!

With the massive number of pictures accumulated over years, I may never leave my computer again!

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