Friday, March 6, 2015

And By Fixed You Mean...

After waiting the requisite time indicated by US Airways, our flights to Costa Rica were indeed not fixed. Their customer service line still had unbelievably long wait times, damn you winter, so it was back out to the airport where I was fortunate enough to find the same person I spoke with the week before, eliminating the need to start the story from the beginning.

The end result is our flight is fixed, and by fixed I mean we get to leave a day early, overnight in Charlotte at our own expense, Tim has to miss a half day of work, and the following day we get to Costa Rica. To this I have to say, nice mother*cking customer service US Airways. [The lady at the airport was quite nice. She did the best she could. My message here is for corporate.]

But now that it is done, we can move on with the remaining planning!

The first order of business is making sure the whole family has the right gear. Tim and I are mostly set, but the ever growing children mean that they need various items to be prepared for vacation fun. Eion is in the best shape. Maggie only needs a few things. Morrigan, well, she needs an entire summer wardrobe.

Oh and a break here to welcome new readers! Word in the middle school is Morrigan's friends have found the blog, thank you google, and have come on board. Welcome and enjoy ladies!

Speaking of those friends, neither Morrigan nor I enjoy clothes shopping together. It generally ends in disaster, headaches, and/or tears, on my part anyway. I need this not at all. The solution? Morrigan gets a clothing budget and I am taking her and her friends to the mall where they will embark on Mission Dress Morrigan for Summer. I will happily be at home, learning more about photoshop.

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