Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh The Things We'll Learn!

As the deadline for the Crystal Spring yearbook rapidly approaches, conveniently situated right before spring break, I've been spending a lot of time at school trying to get all the needed pictures. The teacher of the year was chosen recently and necessitated multiple trips. They chose the music instructor and I scheduled several sessions in order to photograph her with as many different classes and instruments as possible.

One day it was 5th grade band. Another was 4th grade on the xylophones. Then, to my complete surprise, it was 3rd grade learning guitar!

Naturally, E had not mentioned this at all. Nor had he practiced at home on Tim's old guitar. But it was a pleasant surprise to find them all strumming away.

And hilarious as they played the opening notes of Smoke on the Water, which, while part of the soundtrack of my childhood, was completely unknown to all the kids. Who knew Ms. Jensen liked to rock out.

I did an informal survey of the other 3rd grade parents and, apart from one, they were also unaware of their budding Hendrix. As for us, we're going to hope one of these instruments takes and Eion develops some interest in music. But if not, I know xylophones and band are on the docket for the next two years!

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  1. Smoke on the water? Great song. Terrible concert in 1990 with Mary, Dominick and niece Michelle. They "bundled" that song with their other big hit "Woman from Tokyo". They totally screwed it up.
    There was an abundance of biker couples....