Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Did You Say Addiction?

After the first round of editing all the pictures from Costa Rica, the easy part - getting rid of blurry and botched shots, the real editing began. Now comes taking the ok, or even good, and making it perfect. For example...

Who needs this fella in here ruining, I mean interfering, with my picture?

Tootles chap. And we'll lighten up things a bit for good measure.

Same goes for these happy surfers. Now you see them...

now you don't!

Then there was the lady's head that was messing with my zen at sunset. Now she's just a memory.

The kids were mildly horrified when I took someone we knew out of one picture but admitted that it was a better picture after. Sorry surf instructor.

I put an ad in the latest SoRo Circle offering my services in scanning and retouching old pictures. Maybe I need to add that I can make your vacation pics perfect too!

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