Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Little Mermaid!

Yippie! It was the the big weekend - The Little Mermaid performances. Being a theater geek from days of old, I was excited and immediately signed up to help sell tickets each night. While it requires an early arrival, the move was also a bit selfish, it lets me see, and talk, to everyone. Not to mention you get to reserve your seat so I was able to be well positioned for photography.

The girls, and their eel counterparts, did awesome!

They were paired with an Ursula who had a big stage presence and all their scenes were great, in my naturally unbiased opinion. The eels, courtesy of Uncle Dominick, were well received and got lots and lots of compliments.

So I have to admit something here. When we were done with the costumes over break, I adored the eels. They were perfect. But I had doubts about the costumes the kids were wearing. They were designed to look like the sea floor. In person, they trend a bit garish. But after all the work we put into them, I was not about to change course. And a little part of me said don't doubt the professional costumer.

I'm very glad I listened to that voice since, once they were on stage, the costumes were The Bomb! Silly to have doubted but I wasn't the only one. 

The kids maneuvered the eels well, improving each night. By the last show, they had it down pat. And while they were not the draw of Ariel, kids came up to them after all the shows, wanting pictures and, I kid you not, autographs! It was fun to see.

Mom and Dad came to see the play. Dominick was working and couldn't make it. Not even free plane tickets could change that. But between all of us, we had a contingent at each show, several of which were sell outs, making all the kids excited and proud.

The whole cast in Under the Sea.

The eels take a bow.

The last night, they came out in costume with the Flotsam and Jetsam to mingle in the audience.

It was fun to see the young and adult alike reach out to touch them and want to look closer. The kids ate it up. After their victory lap, we eventually got out of there. We had designs to keep both the eels, as there were hundreds of hours of sweat equity in them. But the boys really wanted one too. After checking with Dominick to see if it was ok with him, we told the other family one was theirs. While we hate not to have the set, they really are too special not to share!

It was a great weekend leaving both girls with plans to be in the productions at their schools next year.

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