Wednesday, April 15, 2015

They Were Beautiful. The Most Beautiful Skies as a Matter of Fact.

You know, life here is Virginia is not nearly as interesting as on vacation. So until I exhaust my tales from Costa Rica, we will remain on tropical topics.

One night as we were walking back from dinner, I looked up and saw there were so many more stars than we ever see at home. I promptly dragged the entire family, down to the beach to get a better look.

And wow. Just wow.

Never in my whole life had I seen stars like this. So many, so bright, and with a bit of the Milky Way visible. Even the children, who generally balked at my insistence they come look at the sky, were impressed.

I had neither the equipment nor talent to capture what we saw. 
This (borrowed) picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

Maggie liked it so much that every night for the remainder of the trip, she would gather up any available companions to go star gazing. (Mostly me and Tim.) We laid down on the beach and talked. Maggie was amazed we couldn't get more people to join us. She said, "This is so beautiful that everyone should see it, everything else seems less important. We all need to slow down and look at the stars."

She's right of course. I'm glad I went with her every night. Sometimes there was a game of cards back at the villa that would appear more interesting, until we were staring up at that big, gorgeous sky. We felt small and overwhelmed by beauty. Our late trips to the beach were one of our very favorite parts of the trip.

We came home and the sky had its normal smattering of stars, which made Mags sad. But, she told me, "I'm so happy that I know that sky is out there waiting for me."


  1. That is beautiful! You couldn't ask for anything more out of a vacation

  2. I have been a stargazer for many years.
    Remember the time I slept on the deck with the girls. First we watched the clouds and played the game of "finding animals in them". Then as it got dark, we watched the stars. Certainly not what you saw in Costa Rica, but it was still a great experience.
    Also told them about the Billions and Billions of stars and galaxies (ala the public TV series from the 80's with Carl Sagan that you and I watched)

  3. I'm way behind on reading your blog & just now catching up. I love The Orb reference! :-)