Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm Not Even Apologizing

We're on record for the lowest number of posts ever in a month and I'm not even apologizing! I spent a few weeks working like crazy to get our house ready to go on the market, sure we had found the house to which we wanted to move. Sadly, it didn't work out but on the plus side, my house is looking better than ever!

We've also been deluged with end of the year activities. Maggie had a band concert.

She's not sure if she wants to continue with band, possibly opting for something more "practical" that would aid in her current goal to be a dermatologist. We told her she could do whatever she liked, but music could be part of a path to a career in medicine too.

Mags has also started back up with swim team. We are at a new pool and she's making friends and getting back into fighting shape. Two practices in and she's all smiles.

Eion's class was part of a project where the kids wrote and performed their own songs. He was so nervous the morning of that he didn't want to go. His classmates insisted they NEEDED him and he overcame his fears. The result was cute. And it did seem they needed him!

Sorry for the crummy video but you get the idea.

Morrigan has been going to Patrick Henry HS everyday after school to try out for the Forensics team. I'll keep you posted but fingers crossed she makes the team. It seems like such a good fit for her!

Last piece of news - I am employed! Shocking, I know. I start tomorrow as the assistant to the Executive Director of Mill Mountain Zoo. I'm looking forward to the increased activity and challenge.

Hope your May is full of updates too!

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