Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Quest To Escape Gym Class

Let me tell you about how I am going to complain about my decidedly 1st world problems and you are going to listen, dammit. I spent the hours between 3:15 and 8pm shuttling children to forensics tryouts, swimming, and a meeting about YFit or "how to escape gym class in high school." This does not sound like lots of driving, but let me tell you, I was in the car for hours today. You're lucky I am sparing you the details.

But suffice to say, we now have Morrigan signed up to complete a Health class online this summer and participate in YFit, which will take the place of gym. As one who was a hater of PE, this exemption was of utmost importance.

The meeting was informational and a sign up. I had a brief moment of panic when I realized that Morrigan had from June 1st-July 24th to complete 70 hours at the Y, and she is at camp for two of those weeks. The idea that my bookworm was suddenly going to log 1.75 hours of exercise each and every single day until she left for camp on July 12th was laughable.

But fortunately, if it is an active camp, it counts as 20 hours, meaning she is starting out with 40 hours and only has 30 left to complete. Much more plausible. Her fencing class is also at the YMCA, meaning that time will be included. Bonus!

I was reminded of how fortunate we are when we went to pay for the classes. The online health and YFit were $240 altogether. The cashier asked if I needed to set up payments. Baffled, I asked her "For what?" Duh (she didn't really say that) the class. "Can't I just write a check?" Indeed I could but it seemed I was in somewhat of a minority by being prepared to pay on the spot.

Morrigan's days of leisure will be quite busy, but she will have two classes complete when she walks through the doors of Patrick Henry High School this fall!

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