Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And It's Monday!

Don't complain about swimming being my only topic. It means I'll at least check in once a week! But truly, last week was much the same as the week before - Morrigan clocked lots of time at the YMCA, I logged some hours at work, and everyone else was scheduled around us!

We did fit in a few playdates for Eion with some of his new friends from this year.

And in this week's swim meet adventures, it was the much dreaded 100 free and 50 fly, Maggie's two least favorite events. Tim was working and the other children opted to stay home so it was just the two of us, and the 400 other swimmers. My performance the week before has garnered me a permanent position as clerk of course. It was a billion degrees and it was a huge meet but the time went fast!

As did Maggie, dropping time in both events, including 4 seconds on the butterfly.

She was cracking me up yesterday. She went to morning practice. Then when I took Morrigan for her 3 hours at the Y, Mags joined her so she could get another 45 minutes of swimming in. 


Now we're off to today's exercise session!

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