Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Return of Swim Meet Monday, on a Tuesday

Monday this week was filled with thunder and rain, so the swim met was moved to Tuesday. This was our first meet at the new Club, where the mascot is the Hound Dogs, hence the (temporary) tattoo.

They must buy them in bulk, as all the kids had them in a large variety of locations. 

The person who ran Clerk of Course had "retired," and they needed a replacement. [Editor's Note: Clerk of Course determines who will be in what lanes in each heat.] Sadly, I was determined to be a competent volunteer. It is one heck of a job and keeps you busy though, making the night fly by!

I did get to see Maggie race. She has "aged up" and the time standard are higher than last year. But she placed 5th silver in backstroke and 4th silver in freestyle, cutting time on both. And making her happy.

Which is good to remember today as she is strikingly less happy, having gotten braces yesterday, which hurt tons. We're hoping she's back to her smiling old self soon!

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