Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Know What You Did This Summer, The Deck Edition

"Not even a freaking swim meet Monday update?" you say? Well let's catch up on all the excitement of Chez McK!

The Deck

The deck was old when we bought our house almost 12 years ago. In the time since, it most definitely has not improved. Witness the dank.

And the dank is not the worst part, when you look at the unsafe and dangerous. 

We'd been kicking around replacing it and had put it off for about a year, mainly due to the astronomical cost of replacement. (If you know me well enough to ask, I will tell you but otherwise, just know it is more than you can imagine.)

We finally bit the bullet and started the project, stop one being the removal of said shitty deck.

Watch your step!

The lack of outdoor living space has been challenging, especially considering we don't really have a useful yard. We had a few garage parties while Tim's Mom & Dad were here! #hillbilly4thofJuly

But soon thereafter, construction began. Here are some photos of the progress up until today.

The builder said this was the first job they had to include a "chicken clause." Basically we have to keep the girls in the run during the day and they can come out when the work is done. The crew is nice enough to let them out at the end of the day.

The old coop was destroyed, being in the path of progress. You can see the roof of the new one here.

We added a walkway from the driveway so people don't have to enter through the garage to get to the deck.

We still have a few weeks left but we're moving right along!

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