Sunday, September 20, 2015

As Requested...

The deck is nearly done. A door and some lighting aside, we are up and running. We've been enjoying it for about a week with the inaugural hot tub soak on Friday! We need to get some additional furniture, but we are getting there.

Same view as always!


  1. That looks stunning! And a hot tub, too? *Envious*. Looks like it will be ready in time for some autumn parties to enjoy the cooler nights. :-) Are you going to grow some vines over the pergola or leave it as it?

    1. We are loving the hot tub! We're pretty far up from the ground so if we grew vines on the pergola, they'd have to be in pots. And we're pretty bug free, so adding plants means bugs. But I am looking at some cute strings of Edison light bulbs!