Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morrigan's First High School Play - Stardust

Last night was the premier of Stardust at Morrigan's high school. Having been largely out of commission (back surgery about which I have not blogged,) I had little idea about the content of the play. What I did know is the practices until 10pm, a full hour past my bedtime in the best circumstances, were killing me. Little did I know that they were preferable to the aftermath of the play, which ended at 9:40 and was followed by the tradition of going to IHOP until all hours. Sleepy around here!

Anyway, the kids did great and we were very happy with Morrigan's ever improving stage presence. Only three more shows and I can get back on a normal sleep schedule.

Morrigan's awesome cigarette girl costume.

Maggie was irritated that I made her dress up. As a bonus, her sister was also mad that Maggie raided her wardrobe! Luckily for all of us, Mags discovered one of her friend's sisters was also in the play so she and her pal left us directly.

We chose our seating for leg room (Tim) and ease of escape in case of back pain (me) rather than best angle for pictures. So these are decidedly crappy pictures but they are all I have! Hopefully at one of the subsequent performances, I can get some better ones.