Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eion's 4th Grade Band Concert

Tonight was E's band concert. His teacher is a complete rock star. She took a group of 4th graders, most, if not all, of whom had no ability to read music or play instruments, and in eight months, had them concert ready. For all the grandparents out there, I'll put a video in at the end!

After school, Tim and I went on a walk only to return and find Eion had dressed himself for the concert. It wasn't what I picked out, but I also didn't have to iron. We call this a win-win.

Eion chose to play the clarinet. I think he was initially interested in the tuba, but he didn't want to share an instrument.

During my recovery from back surgery this fall, when I was trapped in bed, Eion, freshly armed with his new clarinet, subjected, I mean treated, me to many, many renditions of Hot Cross Buns. I was delighted to hear the orchestral version this evening.

E with his captive audience.

The last song they played was the theme from Star Wars. Their teacher directed them with a light saber. I love that woman!

Eion with his teacher and band teacher.

It was an excellent band concert!

And for all those who wish, the video of Star Wars!

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