Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Musicals

Both the girls were in the spring musicals at their schools. Morrigan's was first chronologically, so let's start there!

Her high school had a production of Guys and Dolls. When she was cast as General Matilda Cartwright, she was excited. Having never seen the play, I had no idea if it was a large or small role. I guess the best answer, for those who also are G&D ignorant, is it is medium.

She plays a, self described, uptight yell machine. And she did great! One of the other parents told me they had doubts when she came out on stage. They said, "Here was this stern role and out came your tiny, pretty daughter. Then she opened her mouth and this giant,  booming , authoritarian voice came out. She was perfect!" 

Most importantly, she had so much fun and made many new friends.

She's planning to take a theater class again next year and is already talking about the fall production.

Maggie's middle school chose The Lion King as their musical. Maggie was once again cast as a villain, one of the hyenas. We find it infinitely funny that such a sweetheart is the bad guy two years in a row!

All the kids were in the big musical numbers so, for a supporting role, she had lots of stage time.

Their principal directs the show and it was fantastic! Dominick, who is a professional in these things, of course, said he was truly surprised at the performance level of these middle schoolers. As always, I was just happy she had a great time being part of the production.

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