Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Summer is Basically Carting Kids Around

So this morning I thought to myself, self, you haven't blogged in almost a month. You should fix that. Then I quickly realized how very monotonous the last three weeks have been.

The last week of school was a mess. While the kids were ostensibly still in school, every day I had a combination of one or more children at home. Plus it seemed there was some reason I needed to drive them to school each morning - projects, donuts for Spanish class, you get the idea.

Once school actually let out, our days began revolving around YFit and swim team. The former is a program that allows high schoolers to work out at the YMCA instead of taking gym class in the fall. Morrigan has 50 hours to complete by the end of July. Hence, she is "enjoying" logging about three hours a day at the Y. We've been doing our best to coordinate that dropping off and picking up with daily swim team practices. Nothing but excitement I tell you.

But we had a nice visit from Tim's parents, who were en route to our niece's high school graduation in Michigan.

And we had a great dinner with Ann, Hans, and their kids on the night before they moved to Richmond. 

When I warned the kids there would probably be pictures, they rolled 
their eyes and said there are always pictures. 

That was a tough one. We've been best friends for a decade and their move made the whole family sad. Not to mention, Hans was always my wingman when Tim was working!

Wow, didn't mean to end on a sad note. On the plus side, swim meets start Monday so we'll at least have those updates!

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