Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Relaxing, Uneventful Summer Marches On

All kinds of good new on our front. Morrigan knocked out all her Yfit hours and we are free from forced daily trips to the YMCA! Tim and I go there many days anyway but we can go with the knowledge that Morrigan has secured an extra elective block and can "enjoy" AP European History in the fall.

Our many grass growing experiments in chicken land are (partially) successful. While one side of their territory is still a muddy mess, the other is sporting some healthy looking grass. And weeds, we take any greenery we can get. After failed seeds and sod, we are likely to retain the barren moonscape on the other side but hope springs eternal that the living grass will spread.

And let's not forget a hallmark of summer, swim meets! Maggie has been doing well and routinely dropping time. I told her that her (much maligned) butterfly looked much better this week than last. She said she had really been working on it. Funny that...

The best part for me is seeing the kids all have fun together. Is there anything better than teens splashing around in the kiddie pool having a blast?

With three weeks done, we are halfway to the end of the season!

Tonight Morrigan and I are off to Raleigh, NC to see the band 21 Pilots in concert. Very exciting seeing as it is her first concert and the first relevant band I've seen in 15+ years! Not that I haven't tried. When I offered to take the girls to see Justin Bieber, they said they would rather scalp the tickets for cash. While I appreciate their commitment to making money, I totally got robbed. I mean, my mother got to see Duran Duran. I should get to see Bieber and 1D. But it looks like I'll settle for 21 Pilots. Full report out from the oldest person at the show to come.

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