Friday, July 15, 2016

The Favorite Week of the Year

Last weekend we had a visit from Ann & Hans (+ Luke) as Ann had class in Blacksburg. Friday, the boys were playing golf while school was in session so I took the teens and headed out to, naturally, play 80's video games and get lunch at Jack Browns, a perennial favorite. (Elon declined to join us.)

The visit was a perfect time to use up the (still untapped) keg from their going away party and have an open deck weekend for any and all friends who wanted to stop by!

Sunday was the big day, the best week of the year....

The girls were off to their very favorite camp and E had a week as an only child!

The girls are due back tomorrow, hopefully having enjoyed their time as much as always. E, Tim, and I didn't have too much going on, but he still loved "his" week!

Kicking it roof down in the Jeep today!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Very Wet Week

I don't know about you, but we've had adverse, rainy weather ruining things left and right. Independence Day was pretty much a wash out. Luckily, the city's fireworks were rescheduled for the following night. I took the girls, who each brought a friend, down to the forestation lawn to watch. Little did I know that having buddies would also mean get lost Mom. I was with Maggie and her pal when she said, "Mom, why are you so close to us?" My reply that I hadn't seen a friend of mine was not good enough. Luckily, a family with teens who had also ditched them too came by at that moment and I was able to glom on to their celebration. To be expected I guess!

Morrigan and I went last week to Raleigh, NC to see the band Twenty One Pilots last week. [For those unfamiliar with their music - see video below!]

It was her first concert and the rare convergence of a band she likes, a band I like, and a band whose tickets were available at a price we could live with. We (I) struggled mightily to take a selfie together. I am lacking some millennial skills for sure.

But I totally could apply an Instagram filter!

As the opening acts played, the skies at the open air arena started to look ominous. 

And soon, the entire crowd had to be evacuated to the parking garage and municipal building across the street. 

After a brief but intense storm, we were let back in. I think everyone was relieved that we didn't all have to go through security again. In fact, they didn't even check to see if we had tickets. No matter, the show was back on! Not that things looked much better above.

As you might expect from such clouds, there was rain. The entire show. But here is the funny, and most unexpected thing, it made it better. I was there with Morrigan, singing and dancing in the rain, and we had so much fun. As we walked back to the hotel, still in the rain, we couldn't stop talking about what a great show it was. M said she didn't know if she wanted to see them again in January as she wasn't sure it could ever match the show we saw.

Drenched post-show.

By some miracle, and an empty garbage bag we found, both our phones survived. As a side note, I have finally come to understand the beauty of Snapchat. It is an app which allows you to send pictures that disappear after a set number of seconds. You can also make a Snapchat "story" which is a series of videos and pictures, which you can caption, that lasts for 24 hours. The brevity of its lifetime didn't seem important until I watched Morrigan's Snapchat story about the show and heard myself belting out the song heavydirtysoul. Thank goodness the rain meant she only had a bit of video before having to put her phone away. (As the creator, she could save it, and did. I'm hoping it stays with just her.)

Last night's swim meet was wet by design. Maggie normally swims in the last heat. Which is good, because it means she is fast, and bad because she is with all the year round swimmers and comes in last in her heat. But yesterday there were enough swimmers that she was in the second to last heat and was the winner in each by several seconds (a long time in the aquatic world.) 

She cut time and placed well so it was an all around good night. 

In coming events, we have the Heerens coming to visit this weekend and the girls are off to Hogwarts Camp!