Friday, July 15, 2016

The Favorite Week of the Year

Last weekend we had a visit from Ann & Hans (+ Luke) as Ann had class in Blacksburg. Friday, the boys were playing golf while school was in session so I took the teens and headed out to, naturally, play 80's video games and get lunch at Jack Browns, a perennial favorite. (Elon declined to join us.)

The visit was a perfect time to use up the (still untapped) keg from their going away party and have an open deck weekend for any and all friends who wanted to stop by!

Sunday was the big day, the best week of the year....

The girls were off to their very favorite camp and E had a week as an only child!

The girls are due back tomorrow, hopefully having enjoyed their time as much as always. E, Tim, and I didn't have too much going on, but he still loved "his" week!

Kicking it roof down in the Jeep today!

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